The Church Is The Place For Weddings

Planning the Ceremony

Modern brides and grooms have many choices to make, and it begins with the official wedding. Planning the ceremony has become almost as complex as the reception and honeymoon can be, and those who want a wedding to remember will find there are plenty of options available. They have a choice of vows, musical accompaniment, and they no longer have to wear the traditional outfits that worked for their parents. Every part of their wedding can be personalized to fit their tastes, so they will have plenty to keep them busy as their special day approaches when they will seal their love with each other.

Choosing the Vows

The majority of religious institutions have their own set of vows, and they are considered to be an important part of this sacred ritual. Some churches still insist couples use their version, but others have chosen to be a bit looser in their official policy. They might still require the couple to use their vows, but they are willing to make room within the ceremony for the couple to recite their own vows in addition. Other churches have left formality behind, and they simply give the bride and groom carte blanche on what they will say. As long as an official is present to witness and sign the documents, the couple can do as they please.

What to Wear

Many traditional ceremonies had the bride dressed in a long white gown, and the groom was expected to wear a tuxedo that matched her formality. Today’s wedding ceremonies are still held inside churches, but apparel can come in a range of styles. While the couple and their guests are expected to dress nicely for the ceremony, there is no pressure for them to wear their traditional outfits. Shirts and shoes are often mandatory, but the couple can choose the colours and styles that suit their taste. The same goes for the wedding party, the parents, and their guests.

Wedding Music

It has long been a graceful tradition for churches to provide soothing organ music before the ceremony, and many religious institutions are still able to do it. Modern couples often choose to instead have a wedding singer like Sash provide them with a more personal touch before and after the ceremony. She works with couples to find the songs they like best, and she can be booked online for a wedding or a reception celebration. The wedding music the couple chooses to go with their vows is meant to also show their love for each other, and a professional musician can help them make the best choices for their important day.

Modern weddings have become a time when brides and grooms find there are many decisions they must make to complete the ritual of becoming a married couple. Their choices for their special day will reflect their love for each other, and they will be part of the first memories they make as they begin building their new life. Making the right choices will help send them on their way knowing their first choice, to get married, is their best decision yet.