The Church Is The Place For Weddings

Gorgeous Flowers for a Wedding

There are few events as traditional as a wedding, and flowers are often one of the most traditional elements that can be found. Modern couples might eschew being married in a church, they could choose to elope without any family there, and some of them consider even the traditional wedding dress and tuxedo to be too old-fashioned. They want their wedding to reflect their modern outlook on life, so ceremony is something they attempt to avoid. While all of this is true of many modern weddings, the vast majority of them still have wedding flowers Harrogate in some form as they take their vows.

The Bridal Bouquet

While modern couples consider getting married in a church to be too traditional, they continue to keep many traditional elements. The bridal bouquet has long been an important part of the ceremonial aspect of a wedding, but it has changed over the centuries. Brides in ancient times often carried bouquets of grain as a symbol of fertility, but modern brides have flowers. Their bouquet is often chosen based on the flowers they love, so their choices are nearly unlimited when it comes to creating one. Few brides would choose to carry stalks of corn or wheat, but they often choose roses or lilies for their beauty and scent.

The Wedding Party

Couples who have chosen to elope often leave out most or all of their family, but they will generally include a few friends on their special day. The maid of honour and best man are almost always people they have been friends with for years, and they are invited along as witnesses to sign the documents as proof of marriage. The couple may be low on funds, but providing a small bouquet for the female attendant might be possible, and the groom and his best man will often wear boutonnieres. If the wedding has more attendants, each of them will be provided with flowers as a mark of their participation in the ceremony.

Background Flowers

Whether the ceremony takes place in a church or other venue, flowers are generally used as a background to set the tone for the event. They are also generally part of the decorations at the reception, and the background flowers are used to highlight the table of the wedding party. Selecting the right ones can be difficult, so contacting HJF is a good way to narrow down the choices. As an experienced florist Harrogate, their expertise can help make it easier to choose the flowers that will adorn any part of the wedding.

Modern weddings can be interesting affairs, and today’s couples have come to enjoy designing their own ceremonies. They often see them as a way to make their day more special, and they have often cited the need to express their vows in a manner that reflects their personal choices. Giving up many of the traditional elements of a wedding ceremony and reception does not mean leaving all tradition behind, and including flowers is one element that has survived. The bride, groom, wedding party, and even the church or reception is still graced with the beauty of flowers to create the perfect modern wedding.