The Church Is The Place For Weddings

A Private Reception

It would appear that large weddings and receptions have been making a comeback, but not all couples are interested in sharing their wedding day with hundreds of guests. Some of them look forward to a small ceremony where only their closest family and friends will attend them. They might move on from the church to the home of a parent, and there they will have a private reception for just those who were involved in their wedding. It could seem like they are missing out on the excitement of a big day, but their idea of perfection could be a wedding that is shared only with those who have been close during their dating and engagement.

A Catered Affair

While a small wedding might sound like it would be homespun, some of them are quite lavish. Providing live entertainment could be part of the festivities, and it could certainly be a catered affair with all the trimmings. Many couples today are more concerned with having a wedding that is personally meaningful instead of one that is large, and it will show in the care they take to make every detail important. They will set their wedding table with luxury tableware from LDC if they have it, and they might even be lucky enough to have gotten it as a wedding gift.

Sharing the Joy

Weddings are about two people starting their lives as a couple, and sharing the joy of the occasion is important. It matters little how many people they have in attendance, but many today would rather have only those loved ones they know well be with them. They might be leaning more on the religious aspects of their ceremony, or they could believe that less is more. Their decisions will be shaped into the wedding day they have long dreamed of, and each guest should be honoured to have been invited to spend their special day with them.

Evening Weddings

Many couples having large weddings choose to have the ceremony earlier in the day, and it allows them more time at the reception to spend with their guests. Couples opting for smaller weddings will be able to spend more time with each person, so they actually have an easier time arranging evening weddings. They might choose an intimate chapel instead of the larger area of a church, and they could light it with luxury scented candles. It will enhance the beauty of their ceremony, and the guests could enjoy the pleasant aroma as they participate in a ceremony handed down through the generations.

Each wedding day is a special time for a couple and their loved ones, and the size of the wedding is determined by the wishes of the couple. Some will want a lavish wedding with hundreds of guests, but others will be more reserved when handing out invitations. Joining their lives together should be a time when they celebrate with those they love, and opting for a smaller wedding could give them more time to appreciate those they have invited to witness the start of their new lives.